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This is the Longest Time-Lapse Shot from Space


To celebrate 20 years of international collaboration, the European Space Agency released this 15-minute video that’s the longest continuous time-lapse shot from space.

Captured by German astronaut Alexander Gerst, the time-lapse takes you on two trips around the world with labels marking countries that pass through the frame. Traveling at 28,800 km/h (17896 mph), it takes the station just 90 minutes to orbit the Earth. 21,375 individual photos shot on October 6th went into the video, which is played back at 12.5 times faster than real time.

A world map in the corner of the frame also helpfully indicates the International Space Station’s current position and daylight on Earth.

“Numerous flashes of light can be observed at night time from around 02:00, this is lightning from storms and is common on our planet,” the ESA writes. “Stars can be seen rising above the horizon through the faint glow of the atmosphere that is still illuminated by the Sun.”

(via ESA via The Verge)