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Iconic Kansas City Spots Are Banning Photogs Due to ‘Bad Apples’


Iconic spots in Kansas City, Missouri, are banning photographers from their property due to photo shoots getting out of control. Professional photographers argue the trouble is being caused by “a few bad apples” that aren’t representative of the whole industry.

In a new article and the 3-minute segment above, FOX 4 Kansas City reports that popular historic areas such as the West Bottoms are seeing more and more “No Photographer” signs posted on old, beautiful buildings in response to growing issues.

One of the signs posted in Kansas City. Still frame by FOX 4.

“[F]amilies open the front doors and set up like it’s their home photos, so they have like props and everything at the door,” salon owner Brett Judson tells FOX 4. “Besides setting up their fake house in our lobby, in our front door, they will block all the traffic under the 12th Street bridge to get that like beautiful family photo or a wedding photo.”

Photographers have also reportedly left paint splatters on the side of a building and regularly leave trash and litter in nature areas.

Historic buildings in Kansas City’s West Bottoms. Photo by Paul Sableman and licensed under CC BY 2.0

While private property owners have the right to keep photographers off their land and out of their buildings, the city affirms that it’s lawful to photograph private property and buildings from public property.

“The city doesn’t have any specific laws that would ban taking photos while the photographer is on public property, such as sidewalks, streets, etc.,” spokesman Chris Hernandez tells FOX 4. “If private owners have signs posted banning people from entering their property to photograph their property (or enter for any other reason), that’s more of a trespass issue.”

In order to preserve their ability to photograph in well-known historic and nature locations, some photographers are working to improve relations with the community by going out and cleaning up after the messes left by others.

(via FOX 4 Kansas City via Fstoppers)