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How this Creative One-Shot Scene Was Done to Show the Passage of Time


The Showtime series Kidding has an episode that introduces a character by seamlessly showing how a single room in her home transformed over a long period of time as she recovers from addiction. It might look like CGI or clever editing, but it was actually done with careful choreography and a single take. The split-screen behind-the-scenes video above shows how it was shot.

As the camera moves around the room, assistants constantly swap out elements in the room to show the character getting her life back together. Tricks used in the shot include moving walls and body doubles.

Over a minute and a half, we see her going from sitting in a dark, derelict home to thriving in a clean, modern home that’s bursting with friends and life — all without any camera cuts.

It’s a fascinating bit of camerawork and storytelling.

(via Kidding via Reddit)