Tutorial: How to Light One Room with Three Different Atmospheres

Dedolight celebrated its 30th anniversary this year by holding an international competition in which competitors create the best tutorials they can for passing on their lighting knowledge.

The video above is the entry by the Freiburg, Germany-based film production company Dugly Habits. It’s a creative 15-minute tutorial in which the instructor steps into a room and shows how you can create three drastically different environments in it by changing how its lit.

“We show you how you can create 3 different atmospheres in one single room by using an SPS5 Dedolight Kit, some other lights and a couple of simple but pretty cool tricks,” Dugly Habits director Yann Berrai tells PetaPixel. “Each chapter consists of a one-shot scene and tells a little story about Peter and Paula… a typical German couple.”

Here’s a look at three different moods created by the crew in the tutorial:

The Romantic Breakfast


The Dinner Drama


The Psycho Night


Image credits: Video and still frames by Dugly Habits and used with permission