V-Flat World Launches a Folding V-Flat

The V-flat is a common tool used by portrait photographers, but it has historically been a do-it-yourself product everyone builds for themselves. A new company called V-Flat World just changed that with the launch of its commercial foldable V-flats geared toward professional portrait photographers.

“We are dedicated to producing high-quality V-flats that are easy to use and foldable, for use in studio or on location,” the company writes. “Going to your local hardware store and finding out they don’t have black and white sided foam boards isn’t fun and then realizing that it anyways won’t fit into your car because it’s 8 feet long is frustrating.”

Here’s an introduction to the product:

V-Flat World’s V-flats are 2-inches (5cm) thick and weigh just 10 pounds. They fold up from its 80-inch (6.7ft/2m) height to a compact square measuring just 40×40 inches.

Takedown takes just seconds.

The folded size is small enough to stick into the back of a compact car.

The size and weight allows the V-flat to be easily taken to all kinds of shoots in various locations:

“Our height measurements were made to avoid shipping carriers oversized fees which are extremely costly, and to be able to fit in your home studio with lower ceilings,” the company says.

To set it up, you simply expand the square in both directions and connect the upper sections together using Velcro-brand hook-and-loop fasteners.

One side of the V-flat is white and the other side is black.

Two portraits shot with a 60-inch Octobox Camera right. White side (left) and black side (right) V-flats were placed to the left of the camera.

V-Flat World’s V-flat is available now from the company’s website with a price tag of $196. They will also be available shortly from B&H.