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Shoot Light-Painting Photos During the Day Using an ND Filter


Light-painting photography is generally done in the dark since you need long exposure times to capture moving light sources as streaks. But use can also shoot long-exposure photos in bright sunlight using a neutral density filter. Photographer Eric Paré recently did just that, experimenting with doing light-painting in afternoon daylight.

Paré used a 10-stop ND filter by NiSi on his 24mm lens and set his camera to bulb mode, triggering it with a remote shutter.

“As with my usual work, the trick here is to be able to balance three things: the ambient light, the camera settings, and the brightness of the tube,” Paré tells PetaPixel.

Since the ND filter blocks not only sunlight but also his light-painting tube light, Paré used an extremely powerful light-painting tube — one consisting of four separate 1,200-lumen flashlights for 5,000 lumens of light through a T12 Milky tube.

Here’s a 4-minute behind-the-scenes video showing Paré’s daytime light-painting experiments:

“We are aware that these are not our best pictures, but the idea was mostly to experiment with drastically different conditions,” Paré.