Man Jumps Into Lake, Saves Drone at Last Possible Moment

Here’s one of the most epic drone saves you’ll ever see. A man named Dave Svorking was flying his camera drone over a lake when the battery died mid-flight, causing the drone to go into an uncontrolled descent straight toward the water. Svorking immediately jumped into action (literally!), and the miraculous catch was captured by the drone itself.

As you can see from the 1.5-minute video above, Svorking hopped into the lake, waded toward the drone for a bit, and then freestyle swam toward the falling drone before catching it with one hand at the last possible moment before it plunged to a watery death.

P.S. Another man named Zwier Spanjer had a strangely similar rescue of his DJI Phantom 2 drone back in 2015. Perhaps DJI needs to develop an intelligent feature that forces drones to flee water when the battery is at critically low levels…