Apollo Lets You Magically Edit Lighting in iPhone Portrait Mode Photos

Apollo is a new “immersive illumination” iPhone app that lets you edit 3D lighting in Portrait mode photos. The app uses the depth map created by dual camera iPhones, allowing you to post-process photos as if they were 3D renders.

“Apollo is the first app to use the depth data of your portrait mode photos to calculate photorealistic lighting,” Apollo says. “Using a proprietary graphics card processing algorithm, Apollo is able to illuminate a portrait scene in real time.”

You can add up to 20 new light sources in each photo. Each light source can be adjusted for position in 3D space, light intensity, light spread, and color. What’s neat about the use of depth maps is that light sources can even be added behind your subject for halos and silhouettes.

Here are some videos showing Apollo in action:

At the time of this writing, Apollo is the #3 app in the iTunes App Store’s Photo & Video category. If you’d like to give Apollo a shot, it can be purchased for $2.

(via Apollo via Steve’s Digicams)