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Using Creative Lighting Techniques to Mimic Natural Light


In this useful little tutorial, wedding photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how, with just a small amount of kit, you can combine speedlights with basic light modifiers to mimic two totally different natural light ‘looks’ in seconds.

The video specifically talks about shooting a groom prepping before his wedding, but the techniques demonstrated here can be applied to any indoor setting with equally impressive results.

Davis’ approach involves using a Westcott Medium Apollo, grid, and Halo to boost the natural light available in a scene and create a natural look with a lower ISO. This combination of the Halo and Apollo is what David refers to as his “Perfect Pair”, because of their versatility and how quick they are to set up in the chaos of a wedding shoot.

After the traditional ‘groom prep’ shot, David removes the diffusion sheet from the Apollo, spins the flash head around, and applies an orange gel in order to mimic the lighting from late afternoon sun. Then, he places the grid back in to get an effect similar to light passing through the blinds and in to the room.

In seconds, he’s created a totally different look:

The results are impressive, and really show how creative use of lighting can dramatically improve your indoor photography. Give the quick tutorial a look up top, and if you like what you see, you can learn more about Davis and his photography on his website, or check out more tutorials on the Westcott YouTube channel.

(via Fstoppers)