ShiftCam 2.0 Offers 12 Different Lenses Through 1 iPhone Case

ShiftCam has announced ShiftCam 2.0, a new iPhone case that supports 12 different for the iPhone. The case is a follow-up to the original ShiftCam case, which supported 6 lenses.

The basic ShiftCam 2.0 system is a case that packs 6 different lenses for the iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X (the iPhone 7/8 edition has a single row of 4 lenses instead of a double row of 6).

There’s a new and improved shift mechanism and a more ergonomic design.

But what’s also new is the support for 6 additional lenses.

The first is a front-facing wide angle adapter that provides a wider angle of view for selfies.

An original selfie (left) versus a wide-angle lens selfie (right).

ShiftCam has also announced a new line of interchangeable Pro Lens products that can be inserted into the case once the 6-lens travel set is removed. The Pro lineup includes a 180° fisheye, 20x macro, 10x macro, 2x telephoto, and 120° wide-angle.

Here are some before-and-after photos showing the effects of the Pro lenses:

Original (left) and using the Pro telephoto lens (right).
Original (top) and using the Pro wide angle lens (bottom).
Original (left) and using the long range Pro macro lens (right).
Original (top) and using the Pro fisheye lens (bottom).

Here’s a 3-minute video that introduces ShiftCam 2.0:

ShiftCam has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for ShiftCam 2.0 and take “pre-orders” (you’ll get your reward if everything succeeds and the project delivers). A pledge of about $49 gets you a ShiftCam 2.0 travel set with the case, wide-angle front lens, and 6-in-1 travel set. A pledge of $98 gets you the $49 set plus one Pro Lens. You’ll need to go up the ladder all the way to the $347 pledge level before you can get a kit that includes every one of the 12 lenses.

The original Kickstarter goal of ~$12,700 was reached just 2 hours after the campaign launched, and at the time of this writing, the project has already raised over $70,000.