Couple Sends Wedding Photographer 30-Page Critique of Their Photos

Ah, the joys of dealing with difficult clients as a wedding photographer. A dissatisfied newlywed couple in Hong Kong recently sent their wedding photographer a giant 30-page document to point out flaws in bad photos they had received.

DCFever reports that the couple spent an incredible amount of time meticulously critiquing a large number of photos they weren’t happy with. The document contained lines, grids, and comments pointing out everything from technical issues to compositional mistakes.

Many of the photos had Rule of Thirds lines slapped onto them.

One of the complaints was that the poor framing had chopped off a bridesmaid’s head from a photo.

Another was that the backdrop of a photo had been overexposed.

The 30-page document quickly made its way onto Facebook, where it sparked a great deal of discussion among Chinese speakers. Some commenters believed that it was appropriate criticism by paying clients of a professional photographer, while others came to the defense of the photographer (some suggesting that the photos may not be final, retouched images).

(via DCFever via Fstoppers and DigitalRev)