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This ‘Broken Digital Camera’ Was Quite a Bargain


I bought this “digital” camera last summer. I saw it on a table at a boot sale (if you’re American, that’s a bit like a yard sale). As I picked it, up the seller snapped: “£4. Screen is broken. Won’t turn on.”

Er… OK.

I then tried to explain why that “screen” didn’t “work” and tried to explain what the camera was, but she just barked, “It doesn’t work. Take it or leave it.”

So I took it for £3, or about $3.75.

The “screen” still doesn’t work, but everything else is spot-on.

P.S. In case you’re not familiar with film cameras, this camera is a Nikon FG-20 35mm SLR and the “broken screen” is the memo holder — you slide the lid of the film box in it to remind yourself of what film type and ISO you have loaded.

About the author: Glenn Bruce is a photographer and the man behind the Facebook page Taking photographs is not a crime