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This Video Game’s ‘Lightroom Mode’ is a Car Photographer’s Dream


The graphics in games are becoming so good nowadays that a number of games have ultra-realistic “photo modes” that allow you to freeze frame and capture high resolution stills that can easily look like actual photos at first glance. Gran Turismo Sport‘s new “Scape” mode is one just mode that car photographers may enjoy: it employs a host of features you’d expect more from Adobe Lightroom than a video game.

Once you’ve captured your car photo, you can post-process all kinds of things. You are able to drop these high-resolution cars straight into any of around 1,000 backdrops, adjusting things like vignetting, camera lens distortion, film grain, or even individual color tones.

A number of filters can be applied to the scenes.

But it’s not just that. You can change the shutter speed, aperture, focal point… essentially, you can play with the settings like you would a DSLR camera, both during the shoot and in the post production part.

“The ‘Scapes’ feature is a new format of photography, borne from a True HDR workflow and physics based rendering technologies,” the Gran Turismo website states. “Each photo spot contains all the light energy information of that scene as data.

“Even the incredible brightness of the Sun is physically recorded and contained in each of these photos; and because each image also contains spacial information for that scene, it is now possible to ‘place’ cars into real world photographs.”

Check out this video which shows just how powerful this new photo mode is:

Here are a couple of examples showing what “Scape” mode can produce:

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can upload your “photos” straight to Facebook or Twitter using the PS4’s dedicated sharing button.

(via PlayStation Access via Engadget)