Instagram vs. Reality: How People Lie About Their Lives with Photos

Here’s a 3-minute video that shows the reality behind many picture-perfect Instagram photos. It was created by Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying organization¬†working in the USA, UK, and Mexico.

The video highlights how the “perfect” lives seen in social media photos are often faked and completely different from the person’s reality. Users can appear to be living lavish, “perfect” lives, but in reality, they are often mundane like everybody else.

The video features scenes of people spending lots of time and effort in capturing one apparently “natural” or “off the cuff” image. But the shots are contrived and not an accurate representation of what’s going on.

Unfortunately, the act of sharing photos that embellish the truth in an effort to garner likes and followers can actually be detrimental to onlookers, who are left feeling inadequate.

Ditch the Label just published a new study that found that 42% of over 10,000 young people surveyed had experienced cyber-bullying on Instagram. Not only that, but a previous study published earlier this year found that Instagram was the worst social media offender for fueling anxiety, depression, body image issues, and more.

(via Ditch the Label via DPReview)