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3 Ways to Find Clients While You Sleep


Being a great photographer is only one part of turning it in to a full-time job. You’ll also need some business chops, and these 3 tips from photographer Moshe Zusman will give you some ideas on how automate client acquisition.

In the 6-minute video above, Zusman discusses 3 vital components to his lead and booking workflow. He begins with explaining how he uses Facebook, Google and Yelp for diversified targeted ads. Zusman says that he actually gets the majority of his clients via Yelp.

Next, at 5:12, Zusman talks about his website and how he SquareUp to manage bookings. This service allows him to embed a booking calendar, enabling clients to book a time slot and pay seamlessly.

Finally, at 7:10, he recommends finding an assistant to help you manage clients who need a little extra attention. If you can afford it a studio manager is preferable, but you could also consider a virtual assistant. An assistant can help answer questions that clients may have during the booking process, or to handle communications while you are away on a shoot.

To see some of Zusman’s work or to get in touch with him (or test out the booking process he describes above), check out his website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

(via Behind The Shutter via ISO 1200)