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Wanted: Consummation Photographer


There’s boudoir photography, and then there’s… this. A reader spotted this strange “wedding photographer needed” ad posted on Craigslist by someone in Wisconsin. Apparently there’s an engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer who’s willing to double as a consummation photographer.

“Hello, my fiance and I are getting married later this year and are looking for a wedding photographer,” the poster writes. “We are hoping someone will document the whole day from beginning to end.”

Seems pretty normal so far, right? Except by “whole day,” the couple means an actual day, rather than the wedding preparation, ceremony, and reception.

“We are specifically hoping someone will document the end, which we are finding difficult to find someone who will,” the ad continues. “We have both saved ourselves for marriage and understand our first time will be awkward but do not think it will be that much more awkward for the photographer to be there and we’d really like it documented (in a beautiful and tasteful way).”

“If you are ok with being with us the whole day, please send pricing and some examples of your work. Thank you.”

So if you’ve been yearning to add “consummation photographer” to your resume and list of accomplishments, keep your eyes peeled — that genre may be following on the heels of “pro birth photography.”