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How to Guide Your Viewer’s Eye Using Radial Gradients in Photoshop


A radial gradient can be used almost like a spotlight, directing the eye of the viewer where you want in an image. In this 10-minute video from f64 Academy, learn how to use the tool in harmony with blend modes and opacities to control the effect.

While composition plays a big part in creating the main “point of interest” in your photographs, you can also play with lighting techniques in post to change the way a viewer will experience your image.

The eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of an image, and this particular technique takes advantage of that by using a radial gradient in Photoshop to artificially brighten part of the photo while darkening the rest.

Follow along with the video above to see how effective this simple tool can be when combined with clever use of blend modes and opacity. For more tutorials from f64 Academy, you can find their extensive back catalog on their YouTube channel.

(via f64 Academy via Shutterbug)