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The GaffGun Helps You Tape Down Your Cables and Wires Approximately 29x Faster



As much as wireless technology has all but taken over, there are still times when wires are unavoidable. And when it comes time to tape those cords down, you’re stuck wrangling them up, straightening them, initially securing them, then finally overlaying the tape.

The GaffGun is here to make that process approximately 29x faster – at least according to one of their demonstrations.

GaffGun simplifies the process by giving you a device that you simply load up with the gaffer tape, set up over a small section of organized wires, and effortlessly glide across the floor securing everything as you go.

GaffGun automatically brings together all of the cords, lays down the tape and ensures no one will accidentally be tripping or ripping out your cables.

Unfortunately, even the alleged 96.6% of time savings and additional peace of mind may not be quite enough to justify the $200 price tag, but that’s for you to decide.

To find out more or pre-order a GaffGun for yourself, head over to the company’s website by clicking here. Pre-orders are set to ship in December.