A Massive 30-Part Guide to Retouching Photos in Photoshop

Want a crash course in retouching photos in Photoshop? Here’s a 4-part video series that clocks in at 4.5 hours in total, making it a very comprehensive guide. There’s something here for everyone — even the most experienced photographers are sure to learn something from the series.

Nathaniel Dodson from tutvid goes over a total of 30 techniques from healing skin blemishes to creating skin texture, replacing skies, puppet warping, and even swapping out faces.

Photoshop is a very powerful piece of software, and it seems that no matter how long you’ve been using it for there’s always something new to learn. It’s always important to understand the tools that you’re working with, so this free series is an excellent way to boost your skillset.

Thankfully, Dodson has provided a full breakdown of the topics covered in the videos. We’ve included the videos below, along with timestamps matching the corresponding moment in each video.

Part One

  1. 01:28: Editing ANY Photo in the Camera RAW Editor
  2. 07:51: 8-bit vs. 16-bit Images
  3. 14:59: Lens Correction and the Transform Tool
  4. 19:02: White Balance and Chromatic Aberration Corrections
  5. 22:59: Slimming a Figure with Liquify
  6. 30:59: Healing Skin Blemishes
  7. 35:46: Get Rid of Flyaway Hairs
  8. 38:35: Making Simple and Complex Selections with Select Mask
  9. 47:17: The Power of Adjustment Layers

Part Two

  1. 01:24: All About Levels
  2. 07:59: All About Curves
  3. 15:18: Blend Modes
  4. 19:56: Masking!
  5. 25:56: Retouching Eyes
  6. 29:49: Whitening Teeth
  7. 32:03: Changing Hair Color
  8. 37:14: Frequency Separation for Better Skin
  9. 44:37: Creating Skin Texture to Add Detail

Part Three

  1. 01:00: Reduce and remove wrinkles
  2. 02:41: Getting started with the healing brush
  3. 06:32: Dodging and Burning
  4. 07:58: How to do the burning
  5. 13:00: How to do the dodging
  6. 14:22: Double dodge and burn trick
  7. 15:48: Quick dodge/burn effect
  8. 18:47: How to Add a Tattoo Realistically
  9. 23:33: Masking the tattoo in place
  10. 27:06: Using adjustments to blend the tattoo
  11. 30:04: Blurring the tattoo to match
  12. 35:43: Select and Replace a Sky with Luminosity/Channel Masks
  13. 38:38: Using levels to get the perfect selection
  14. 42:44: Replacing the sky and watching the magic happen
  15. 45:02: Color Correction Techniques
  16. 45:28: Curves for quick corrections
  17. 49:58: Targeting and Changing Individual Colors
  18. 52:56: Correcting sunburn by targeting the reds
  19. 54:32: Four Ways to Create a Black and White Photo
  20. 01:00:03: Creating a Basic Composite Image and Blending Colors
  21. 01:14:26: Puppet Warp to Change a Person’s Figureo
  22. 01:00:03: Creating a Basic Composite Image and Blending Colors
  23. 01:14:26: Puppet Warp to Change a Person’s Figure

Part Four

  1. 01:00: Content-Aware Everything!
  2. 12:42: Smart Filters
  3. 18:04: Replacing/Swapping a Face
  4. 25:34: Smooth Wrinkles from Clothing
  5. 29:41: Color Grading
  6. 34:03: Colorize a Black and White Photo
  7. 44:34: Extreme Lens Correction
  8. 51:55: Lens Flares and Light Leaks
  9. 58:32: Global and Selective Sharpening
  10. 01:05:49: Cropping, Resizing and Saving Photos

Phew! Finish all of those and you’re well on your way to Photoshop mastery. If you manage that and are still hungry for more knowledge, check out the tutvid YouTube channel — it’s worth a subscribe.