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10 Tips and Tricks for the Liquify Tool in Photoshop


Photoshop’s Liquify Tool is a very powerful tool for retouching images, especially photos of people. Learning all of the features of the tool is important to make sure your edits don’t look unnatural. This 25-minute video from tutvid will help you master Liquify, as Nathanial Dodson explores 10 tips, tricks, and features.

The tutorial covers the tool in some detail, showing how to make non-destructive changes, useful hotkeys, masking and freezing sections of the image, smoothing your edits, the face-aware tools and more.

The video is roughly broken down in to the following sections:

0:45 – Intro and making non-destructive changes
1:45 – Useful keyboard shortcuts
4:00 – Using the Warp tool
6:20 – The Reconstruct tool
7:15 – The Smoothing brush
8:00 – Pucker and Bloat tools
10:00 – Freeze and Fall for locking sections of the image
11:40 – Viewing background context when liquifying an isolated layer
13:30 – Using selections as masks in Liquify
15:45 – Face-aware tools for easy editing of facial features

Here’s a horrifyingly exaggerated example of what can be quickly and easily achieved using simple sliders with the Face-aware tool:

As Dodson says, the best way to learn to use Liquify is to jump in and play around. If you’ve followed along with this video, hopefully you’re well on the way to mastering this powerful tool!