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Capture One Pro 10.1: PSD Viewing, X-Trans Support, Master Reset, and More


Phase One just released its first major update to Capture One Pro 10. Version 10.1 brings a number of new key features, some improvements, and new camera and lens support.

Here’s a quick look at the new features and changes in Phase One’s own words:

Improved PSD support

“Capture One Pro now fully supports reading of layered PSD-files, making it possible to round-trip perfectly with Photoshop providing an improved control of your image editing workflow.”

Enhanced Styles Workflow

“Accelerate your productivity with the new Styles & Presets tool. It is optimized to make browsing and managing all your styles quick and easy. Apply styles and presets to a single image or multiple images with one click.”

Improved Fuji support

“Redesigned RAW processing for Fuji X-Trans files enables the full suite of Capture One Pro 10 tools, including graphics acceleration to speed up your workflow. Paired with support for Fuji’s compressed file format you can exploit Capture One Pro to the fullest.”

Temporary reset of Adjustments

“Gain new control over your creative process by viewing the original RAW file with a click of a button. Long-press the master reset in Capture One Pro while holding the Option / Alt key to see the unadjusted image.”

Tokenized Watermarking

“Token based input allows fast and easy watermarking for image specific information. Effortlessly emboss the file name, date or collection name as watermarks to batches of images.”

Apple Script (Mac Only)

“Automate tasks more effectively on your Mac. The new Apple Script capabilities in Capture One Pro 10, include: Import, Keywords, Batch Rename and Output Counters.”

Three-Step Sharpening

“Full control over the sharpening process from Capture to Output. Diffraction Correction for small apertures, Halo Control for heavy sharpening, and recipe dependent output sharpening help to achieve a perfect result.”

Output Proofing

“Processing images for large prints is very different from processing images for social media use. Capture One Pro enables independent process recipes saving different setups to easily achieve your desired output with one click. Each recipe can have a different image size, quality, ICC profile and sharpening among other settings. Output Proofing enables you to quickly view the final image of each recipe without having to process your image first. This makes it easier to tweak each recipe to perfection without trial and error.”

Here’s a video overview of the new features:

Phase One says that it’s working to continually improve its Capture One Pro software through a continual dialog with photographers.

There’s also new support for new cameras and lens profiles. Cameras now supported are:

  1. Pentax K-70
  2. Pentax KP
  3. Panasonic GH5
  4. Nikon D5600
  5. Nikon D3400
  6. Fujifilm X-T20
  7. Fujifilm X-A10
  8. Fujifilm XQ2
  9. Panasonic TZ85 ZS60 TZ80
  10. Panasonic TZ100 ZS100 TZ101
  11. Panasonic FZ2000/FZH1
  12. Fuji X-Pro 2
  13. Panasonic GX8

You can find a complete list of supported cameras and lenses on this page.

Capture One Pro 10.1 is now available for Mac and Windows and the update is free for existing customers of Capture One Pro 10. If you don’t have a license already, you can buy the software for $299 from the Phase One online store. A subscription to the software costs $20 a month or $180 a year.