This Drone Timelapse Shows Japanese Cherry Blossoms Fading Into View

Here’s a beautiful use of a camera drone: freelance cameraman Jack Johnston created this video showing landscapes in Japan. As the drone flies over each one, cherry blossoms suddenly fade into view.

The project is reminiscent of one we shared earlier this month that showed the passage of 2 years and multiple seasons in a single flight. For that project, photographer Will Strathmann visited the same farm over that span and captured the exact same flight path each time.

While Johnston hasn’t revealed the details of his technique online, it appears to be a similar concept of visiting the same locations before and after the trees bloom.

“A few months ago I was asked to film a series of lapse time shots of the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan for a BBC Springwatch Special,” Johnston writes. “After months of testing and working out the kinks in the process, this is a selection of shots that featured in the final show.”