This Drone Flight Jumps Through the Seasons Over Two Years

Here’s an ambitious drone project: photographer and filmmaker Will Strathmann visited a farm in Pennsylvania over two years and created this 47-second video that beautifully transitions through seasons.

“Some time ago I had this idea of creating a long-term time-lapse of the seasons,” the Denver, Colorado-based photographer writes. “That idea turned into an idea with a drone and a farm in Pennsylvania.”

In the spring of 2015, Strathmann visited the farm and shot the first imagery. He then visited the farm once every season and recreated the same shot by flying his drone on the exact same flight path. After the final visit in January 2017, he took all the images he captured, edited them to match more exactly, and created the video above, titled “TYCA Farm Seasonal Timelapse from a Drone.”

(via Will Strathmann via Sploid)