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Amazon’s Echo Look is Your Personal Fashion Photographer


Amazon has announced a new camera. Called the Echo Look, it’s a hands-free camera that you can use to shoot self-portraits that are triggered by your voice.

The product is a combination of having a voice assistant, personal photographer, and fashion consultant. After putting together your outfit for the day, users can stand in front of the Echo Look and say, “Alexa, take a picture.”

You’ll be able to see the resulting full-length portrait using the companion app on your smartphone.

These photos can then form a personal lookbook, which is then used to suggest new clothing items that might work well in your wardrobe. A Style Check feature uses advanced machine learning technology based on advice from fashion experts to give you feedback: submit two photos, and the system will tell you which outfit looks the best on you based on things like fit, color, styling, and the latest trends.

Not so into fashion? You could use the Amazon Echo Look for a personal portrait-a-day project to document your life.

On the spec side of things, the Echo Look features the ability to shoot both still photos and video, a built-in ring light with four LEDs, intelligent background blur for a shallow depth of field look, and a standard tripod mount.

Oh, and the device functions like an ordinary Echo as well, meaning you can ask Alexa to do and say all kinds of things based on voice commands, from controlling your smart home devices to telling you the weather.

The Amazon Echo Look will cost $200 for Prime members once it becomes available. For now, you can get your hands on it by invitation only.