13 Beautiful Examples of Minimalist Photography by Julian Schulze

Belin-based Julian Schulze is clearly a master of minimalism, a feat made all the more eye-catching and impressive when you consider the cultural clutter of our times. If you’ve been looking for minimalist inspiration, look no further.

Schulze describes himself as “focused on geometric abstraction and minimalistic compositions.” His images range from simple shots of everyday scenes made up of just one or two elements, to mind-bending abstractions that will leave you wondering which way is up. Each shot is expertly composed, using light, shadow, and color to create a 2D canvas out of a 3D scene.

Which is funny, actually, because Schulze doesn’t put much stock in the “rules” of composition. In his latest series, Some Thoughts on Composition, on Behance, he writes the following:

Whereas I think that these “rules” can be a useful guide for the beginner, I think that strictly following them (as suggested by the term “rule”) can seriously impede your success in finding interesting angles, interconnections, and the true character of a picture.

Therefore, I want to advocate to follow gut feelings more often, to try out different things without considering the rules, or said differently, to break the rules—at least sometimes!

If ignoring the rules is how you manage to capture photos like the ones below—just a small selection of our favorites curated from within Schulze online portfolio—then count us in!

To see more of Julian’s work, visit his website or check him out on Behance, Facebook, or Instagram.

Image credits: All photographs by Julian Schulze and used under creative commons license.