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This is What Canon’s New Built-In Lens Lights Can Do For Ring Photos


Canon recently announced the EF-M 28mm STM and the EF-S 35mm f/2.8 IS STM, two macro lenses that feature Canon’s first built-in LED ring lights on their fronts. Canon says one of the advantages of the lights, which can be independently controlled on the two sides, is an instant improvement to macro wedding ring photos.

Canon Australia made this 2-minute video in which professional photographer Gemma Peanut shows the difference the built-in Macro Lites can make on a diamond ring:

“Perfect for weddings, foods and portrait photography, the Macro lite will illuminate one or both sides of your subject with the two built in-LED lights helping you to create amazing macro images,” Canon says.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing the sparkle the lights add:

This may be a convenient trick to have in your camera bag, but the Macro Lite system may be more beneficial to professional wedding photographers if it ever appears in a full-frame EF lens rather than an EF-M or EF-S product.

(via Canon Australia via Fstoppers)