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Phrame is a New Frame Designed to Show Off Instant Photos


If you’re obsessed with classic Polaroid-style instant photos, Phrame is a new picture frame designed specifically for you.

Created by a team over in Vienna, Austria, Phrame is an elegant aluminum frame (available in black or silver) in which a Polaroid or Impossible Project picture floats with a levitation effect that casts a shadow on the backing (which has black and gray sides).

The acrylic glass covering your photo has 90% UV-protection, making your photos last longer even when being illuminated by sunlight.

An included hanger lets you mount the Phrame to a wall, or it can be free-standing due to its depth. Phrame measures 25x25mm (9.84×9.84″) and has a depth of 3cm (1.18″).

Changing the photo is as easy as sliding the acrylic glass sheet out, giving you access to the photo resting on a picture mount using Post-it technology.

The team behind Phrame is currently launching the product through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

A contribution of about $31+ (before shipping costs) will land you one of the early units if/when the project succeeds.