Introducing the Polaroid Picture Frame and Mirror

There hasn’t been much activity in the PetaPixel Store since we launched the Leica Look-Alike skins in September 2010, but today that changes — we’re pleased to announce the new Polaroid Picture Frame and Mirror! It’s an awesome picture frame for your desk that looks just like Polaroid 600 instant film, and when there isn’t a photo inside it doubles as a mirror.

Insert your favorite photographs to turn them into Polaroid picture look-alikes:

Leave the frame empty to have a portable Polaroid-style mirror you can carry around:

There’s a detachable stand on the back of the white plastic frame:

It has exactly the same dimensions as Polaroid’s iconic 600 series instant film:

The frames cost $9 $7 each with free shipping within the US. Head on over to our store to pick up yours and adorn your desk with the coolest picture frame around!

This product is not affiliated with Polaroid Corporation, though we’re big fans!