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KitSplit Acquires CameraLends to Form World’s Largest Rental Marketplace


East coast-based peer-to-peer gear rental community KitSplit announced today that they have acquired West coast rival CameraLends, bringing the two communities together to form what they’re calling “the biggest rental marketplace for cameras and related gear.”

When you think of camera gear rental, you might first think of LensRentals and BorrowLenses: traditional gear rental companies that stock their own gear. Companies like KitSplit and CameraLends are different; like Airbnb for camera gear, they built a community where photographers can come together to rent their own gear to fellow shooters who need it.

It’s a great way for photographers to both make a buck from gear they don’t use very often, and find rare gear they would rather rent than purchase.

“There are more content creators today than ever before and they all need access to top quality, affordable gear,” says KitSplit cofounder and CEO Lisbeth Kaufman. “Since launching a little over a year ago, KitSplit has made huge improvements in gear rentals, making creative work and connecting with creators even easier and more affordable. The CameraLends acquisition will further our goals of democratizing access to great gear and empowering creators.”

The CameraLends acquisition effectively increases the size of KitSplit’s hosted inventory by 50%, making it an even more enticing choice for those looking to try out new gear or rent out their own. As the sharing economy continues to infiltrate more aspects of our lives—making everything from finding a cab to renting a room that much more convenient—it’s nice to see the photo community won’t be missing out.

To find out more about the company or dive into the details of this acquisition, head over to the KitSplit blog by clicking here.