360° Video Shows You what It’s Like to Photograph the Clinton Campaign

It’s election day in the United States, so we’ll forgive you if you can’t stomach any more election-related news. But if you have it in you, this 360° video from the New York Times offers a peek at what it’s like to photograph a major presidential campaign.

The video was created for The New York Times Daily 360, and it follows Times photographer Doug Mills as he tours the United States capturing photos of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Mills is a campaign photography veteran—he’s covered every presidential campaign since Regan’s re-election campaign in 1984—and that’s important, because being a photographer on the campaign trail can be grueling. 16, 18, sometimes 19 hour days are not unusual, he explains, and the pressure to capture a unique or interesting shot is through the roof.

It’s exhausting … and rewarding. As Mills says in the video, “People say I have the greatest job in the world, and sometimes it is hard to dispute that.”

(via American Photo)