Fun Flowchart Helps You Find the Style of Photography That’s Right for You


Not sure what style of photography is right for you? No worries. Photographer Blake Andrews put together a fun, tongue-in-cheek flowchart that’ll help you figure it out.

Make no mistake, this chart is comprehensive; it takes everything into consideration. Are you agoraphobic, a “bleeding-heart” activist, or a control freak? Do you have unresolved childhood issues? What about your wardrobe, do you wear a photo vest and fedora, or carry around a light meter?

All of these questions and more will help you go from Start to the photography style that suits you best. Click on the image for high res:


We never though “belly button morphology” and “favorite superfriend” would help us figure out our ideal photographic genre, but hey, what do we know? Work your way through the flowchart above, and then let us know what your matching style of photography ends up being.

Image credits: Flowchart by Blake Andrews and shared with permission.