Flow Chart Tries to Educate the Public on the Rules of Using a Photo They Found Online


When people are browsing around online for photographs to use, be them for an article, a project or something else, it’s vital to know whether or not they’re allowed to use the image. Even if they’re allowed to use the image, it’s important to know what all can be done with it.

Here to help those with any image in question is this handy little infographic, created by Curtis Newbold, The Visual Communications Guy.

The infographic explains copyright, fair use, creative commons and public domain, all of which are often mistaken or confused for one another. Created in a flowchart-style manner, the infographic is easy to read and should answer any questions that might arrive should someone come across an image they’re wanting to use.

To view, share and/or download the full infographic, you can head on over to Visually.

(via Lifehacker)