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Humorous Photography Flowchart Helps You Decide Whether or Not to Take a Photo



Here’s a little funny to get you through your Sunday afternoon: a flowchart that can help you decide whether or not that photo you’re thinking of taking is actually worth going through with.

The chart was put together by the folks at CLICKitty Cat, who share all sorts of funny cartoons that have to do with the photography world. The flowchart is their most recent creation and they decided to send it our way because they thought you guys might like it.

Here’s the whole chart (click on it to view the full resolution version):


We thought it was pretty funny, and not entirely useless either. There are a LOT of steps involved, all of which have to go a certain way, before you say yes and take/share the pic. And you’ll notice that there’s zero-tolerance for pictures of your food — you’ve got to appreciate that.

To see more photography-inspired cartoons, head over to the CLICKitty Cat Tumblr by clicking here.