DIY Tip: Use an Old Point and Shoot to Light Paint Product Shots and Portraits

If you have an old film camera or point and shoot lying around collecting dust, why not put it to some practical use? This quick video will show you how to use the camera’s flash to light product shots and portraits on the cheap.

This is another simple little DIY tip from the Russian Koldunov Brothers.

Like their DIY polarizing filter we shared a couple of weeks ago, it’s not going to be groundbreaking or totally revolutionize the way you shoot. But if you find yourself in need of some artificial light for product shots or portraits, they suggest turning out the lights, setting your camera to take a long exposure, and using the flash on your old point and shoot to light paint the scene.

The example shots they show aren’t half-bad, and since most of us have one of these old camera lying around somewhere, the tip is practically free.