Macphun Unveils Luminar, the Photo Editor that Adapts to Your Skill Level


Macphun just announced a bombshell for the photo editing community. It’s called “Luminar,” and it’s a self-proclaimed “complete photo editing powerhouse” that’s built to adapt to your photo editing preferences and skill level.

Macphun is best known for their powerful slew of apps that focus on one or two specific aspects of your photography: Aurora for HDR needs, Snapheal for cloning, Tonality for monochrome work, and so on. Luminar breaks with this tradition.

The newly announced app is a full blown non-destructive RAW photo editor, built from the ground up around two things: simplicity and creativity.


It’s not just a RAW editor for intermediate users, a simple filter/preset collection for novices, or a powerful photo manipulator for advanced shooters—it’s all of those things in one. If you had to describe it in one sentence, you might call it Macphun’s attempt at a one-photo-editor-fits-all solution.

Or, in Macphun’s own words:

Sporting a totally unique user interface that adapts to your needs and skills, tons of one-click presets for instant results and a vast number of image processing filters and tools, Luminar may be the last photo software you ever buy. It’s photo editing, reimagined for all of us.


The key feature is obviously the scalable, adaptive user interface that makes (or at least attempts to make) Luminar a great fit for any editing style and skill level. But that’s not all it has to offer. If you dive deep enough, you’ll find Luminar is the most feature rich app Macphun has ever released… by far.

Here’s just a quick list of the Top 10 features built into the app:

  • Scalable, adaptive user interface with custom workspaces
  • Over 50 one-click presets
  • Over 35 image enhancement filters
  • Powerful, stackable layers
  • Extensive brushes and selective masking system
  • Texture overlays
  • Raw file conversion
  • Noise reduction
  • Object removal
  • Operates as a standalone or plug-in

Plus, you’ve got adjustment layers, blend modes, selective masking tools, clone stamp/healing, plug-in support, and much much more—it seems Macphun is trying to take on both Photoshop and Lightroom in one app.


Luminar is being unveiled to the world today, but pre-orders don’t actually start until November 2nd and the app doesn’t officially launch until the 17th. If you want to buy it for yourself, you’ll be able to secure a copy in a couple of weeks for $50 if you’re a previous Macphun software user or $60 if you’re brand new to the Macphun family.

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