Catch a Glimpse of Fuji’s Instax Square Camera in this Trippy Teaser Video

We can’t decide if this video is annoying or exciting; whichever it is, it’s most definitely our first glimpse of Fuji’s upcoming Instax Square instant camera.

You can find the trippy teaser video on the Instax Square landing page, where there are also some examples of Instax Square prints for you to feast your eyes on. Sadly, the only look we get at the actual camera are the close up, obscured, will-give-you-a-seizure-if-you-stare-too-hard-at-them glimpses in the video above.

Both the film and the camera are scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017, so we can expect more informative teasers in the coming months. But if you’re waiting for bated breath for the square format Instax camera to arrive, this might help tide you over for like… the next 5 minutes or so.