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MeFOTO Air Tripods Come with a Built-In Selfie Stick and a Bluetooth Remote



MeFOTO just announced a new line of ultra-portable tripods that come with a few very interesting features. In addition to working like any other versatile travel tripod, the MeFOTO Air tripods come with a bluetooth remote and selfie stick built right in.

The key feature here is obviously the included bluetooth remote, spring-loaded smartphone adapter, and removable center column that, together, convert into a selfie stick. It’s a feature that will probably drive away some more serious purists, but definitely convenient if you’re into that kind of thing—no need to carry a tripod AND a selfie stick.

Here’s a quick intro that shows you how the new MeFOTO Air tripods work:

The MeFOTO Air line is trying to be the ultimate tripod for the creative (and we assume) millennial traveler. Light, compact, and colorful, MeFOTO claims these tripods “boast a unique combination of durability, functionality, speed, size and style, offering users endless new creative possibilities.”

In addition to the “creative” possibilities offered by the selfie stick integration, MeFOTO Air tripods also feature a new “HyperLock” leg locking system that makes set up a lot faster. Instead of a lock on every leg section, there’s just one nob to turn.

The MeFOTO Air line comes in three sizes: the 37.4-inch BackPacker Air (holds up to 8.8lbs), 38.4-inch RoadTrip Air (holds up to 13.2lbs), and 45.1-inch GlobeTrotter Air (holds up to 17.6lbs). All three will be available starting November 1st for $125, $175, and $225, respectively.