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This Simple Trick Helps You Find the Right Adapter for Any Lens


If anybody knows how to mount a weird lens, it’s got to be the creator of “Weird Lens Reviews” Mathieu Stern. And now, he’s sharing one of the super simple tricks he uses to find the working distance of any lens so he can create or buy the right adapter for it.

All you need is a “white surface” (a piece of white card stock will work), a ruler, a window/light source, and your lens. Then, set up the white surface across from the window, place the ruler on the ground, and line up your lens until the image it creates on the card stock is in focus.

Like this:


Then, you take that measured distance, and remove the flange focal distance (the distance from the mounting flange to the sensor). This will give you the exact size of the adapter you need to buy (or create)!

Check out the video up top to see the “trick” in action, and then head over to Mathieu’s YouTube channel to see some of the Weird Lens Reviews he’s managed to put together thanks to this little technique.