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Artist Captures Insects Crawling on Flowers as They Bloom in Timelapse


Japanese artist Yoshiyuki Katayama‘s creation Umwelt is only part timelapse. Because while the flowers in this beautiful film bloom at timelapse speeds, insects crawl across the surface of the flowers as if in real time.

The word Umwelt comes from the word ‘environment’ in German, and is defined as “the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.” Whether that’s what Katayama had in mind when he created his version we can’t know, but both the horizontal version (above) and vertical version (below) of the video are captivating.

Katayama no doubt relied on some creative editing or camera technique to blend these two forms of videography, but thus far he has stayed quiet about how exactly it was done. Let us know if you have any ideas.

And if you want to learn or see more, the artist created this website where you can watch a few more insect/flower pairs interact, accompanied by their scientific names.

(via Colossal)