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You Can Swing This Camera Backpack to the Front Without Taking It Off



The new Wolffepack Capture camera backpack does something that we wish every photography backpack could do: it lets you swing it around front without actually taking it off, making it much easier to get at your gear.

In all other ways, the Wolffepack Capture is just a standard good-quality camera backpack. It comes with a padded “pod” insert that can fit one camera and three lenses, fits a 15-inch laptop, is made from water-resistant polyester, and takes a waterproof nylon rain cover, among other features.

But it’s not a standard good-quality camera backpack, because it can do this:

Simply release the cord on the right shoulder strap and you can swing the backpack around front without taking the shoulder straps off. Pull the cable back through and attach it, and your backpack is back where it belongs. And since the chord is made from materials that Wolffepack says are “15x stronger than steel” you don’t have to worry about anything snapping under the weight of your gear.

Using this interesting design, the Wolffepack Capture hopes to offer the flexibility of a messenger bag and the stability of a backpack in a single bag—something at least a few of us would probably appreciate.


The Wolffepack Capture is currently up on Kickstarter and as of this writing it’s only got about $1,000 left to raise before its fully funded. The campaign will keep on going for another 37 days though, so if you want to get one at a special Kickstarter price of just $165 (expected retail will be close to $225) head over to the campaign page and put down your pledge.

(via DPReview)