Watch This: Rare Interview with Iconic Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham

The passing of iconic NY Times photographer Bill Cunningham has been met with an outpouring of affection, remembrances, and more than a few tears. He was, in every sense of the word, an icon. And today we’re thrilled to share with you a rare interview with the humble, soft-spoken, and deeply-missed photographer.

The 2014 interview was made available to the public yesterday by 92y, part of their Fashion Icons series with Fern Mallis that is typically only available on demand. Fifteen minutes of introduction is followed by a full hour and a half of conversation.

It’s an interview Mallis had to all but beg for, and even then she only got it when Bill accidentally bumped her, causing her to spill her drink on a new dress. The horrified Cunningham, wracked with guilt—he had never made such a faux pas in over 40 years of shooting—told Mallis he would do “anything” to make it up to her. Mallis secured this interview.

Further introduction is unnecessary. If you’re a fashion photography fan, a street photography fan, or even just a fan of the enigmatic Bill Cunningham, you’ll click play up top without further ado.

Update on 9/28/21: This interview video has been taken down. We will replace it with a working video if one surfaces.