This Photojournalist Spends His Nights Shooting Crimes and Accidents

Toronto photojournalist Victor Biro has taken it upon himself to do an upleasant job that he believes must be done. He spends all night listening to a police scanner and covering tragic crime scenes and gut wrenching accidents… because nobody else will.

In the 3.5-minute Vice short above, we get to go out with Biro and experience a night in his shoes. A night, as Vice puts it, filled with “brutal accidents, long hours, and little sleep.”

But Biro doesn’t do this out of some “morbid curiosity,” he does it because the full-time night-shift photojournalists were some of the first to go when newspapers and other media outlets started cutting photography jobs. “I saw that as an opportunity when I was getting into this business a few years ago, to fill a gap,” says Biro. “Because those stories still happen, there’s just nobody around to take those pictures.”

And so Biro became that guy, staying up all night listening for newsworthy reports on the scanner.


To find our more about Biro and see some of the work he’s created — editorial and otherwise — head over to his website or give him a follow on Twitter.

(via Vice via ISO 1200)