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Watch a Photojournalist Crack Up in Background of a Very Serious MSNBC Interview


During a post-debate interview with Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC on Wednesday night, a photojournalist in the center of the shot couldn’t help but crack up when Chris Matthews asked about one particular comment she made on stage.

The comical moment happens just 8 seconds into the interview, when Matthews asks Warren about some comments she made in regards to contentious fellow Democrat Michael Bloomberg.

“Senator you went into this debate tonight with a plan, and you executed it devastatingly,” says Matthews. “You hit [Bloomberg] with that comment he made apparently about a ‘horse faced lesbian,’ it was so graphic and so personal, tell me why you’d start the debate with that point of view?”

But while Matthews’ question was a serious one, a photojournalist in the background of the shot had a really hard time recovering from “horse-faced lesbian.” His reaction is meme-worthy, and something I’m sure we can all relate to on some level:

If you need a little bit of comic relief this Friday—or you just want to watch something politics related that doesn’t make you want to scream into a pillow—check out the video above to see the humorous moment for yourself.

Have you ever been in this photographer’s shoes before? Let us know in the comments.