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Canada Goose Sells a ‘Photojournalist Jacket’ That Costs $850


The high-end winter clothing brand Canada Goose is selling a “Photojournalist Jacket” that was designed in collaboration with a working photojournalist. Unfortunately for many photojournalists, the jacket carries a price tag of $850.

“Created in partnership with a photojournalist to stand up to the changing climates and situations they often find themselves in,” the jacket’s description reads. “This jacket is crafted from our Tri-Durance SS fabric to block harsh winds and rain. Reinforced shoulders and pockets add durability, while side seam zippers open up for range of motion and venting.”

Features of the jacket include a stowable waterproof hood, fabric reinforcement in high-abrasion areas, articulated sleeves, side zippers for ventilation, and a 3-layer Tri-Durance SS fabric that’s windproof, water-resistant, breathable, durable, warm, and stretchy.

The hood, upper pockets, upper back, and collar all have reflective details for added visibility in low light. While this can keep you safe from getting hit by a car at night, it’s not exactly the best thing for photojournalists who need to work stealthily under the cover of darkness.

If you’re always carrying a lot of gear and accessories, you’ll be glad to know that the jacket is covered with 8 exterior pockets and 2 interior drop-in pockets.

The jacket comes in three different colors: black, navy, and red. As with all Canada Goose products, the jacket comes with a lifetime warranty.

While the features of the Photojournalist Jacket may be attractive to many photographers, some are finding humor in the price tag (given the target market).

“If you buy this $850 jacket you won’t look like a photojournalist. (But your wallet will feel a lot more like a photojournalist’s wallet.),” says photographer David Hobby of Strobist.

If you’re interested in the Canada Goose Photojournalist Jacket, you can buy it from the company’s online store.