The Jupiter 21M 200mm f/4 Lens: A Tack-Sharp Tank for Just $30


The Jupiter 21M is the real deal… assuming you have the biceps to wield it. A 200mm f/4 lens from the Soviet era, it captures exquisite details and will only set you back between $30 and $100 on eBay.

Our friend Mathieu Stern recently reviewed the lens for his YouTube channel, and it seems the only downside to this old Soviet tank is the size and weight. “It’s almost as big as a milk bottle,” he says in the video, “and at 1 Kilo it’s a really heavy lens.” But if you can get past the heft of it all, this tank is worth many more pennies than you’ll spend to get your hands on one.

Check out his short review below, complete with some sample images:

If you want to see higher resolution versions of the samples shown in the video, head over to Mathieu’s blog. Or, if you’re already sold on this monster, rush over to eBay and grab your copy before the price spikes.