TomTom’s Bandit Action Camera Now Auto-Corrects Underwater Colors

The Dutch company TomTom is best known for making GPS navigation devices, but did you know that it’s also a player in the action camera market? The $300 TomTom Bandit action camera just got a software update that makes it even more attractive for underwater shooting: it can now auto-correct colors while submerged.

The 50-second video above contains side-by-side footage showing what the new Underwater Scene Mode can do compared to the old default footage.


“The latest TomTom Bandit camera update now automatically provides colour correction while filming in the water up to a depth of 15 m without the need for any additional accessories,” TomTom says. “View the difference!”

This same feature can be found in Sony’s action cameras as well. To update your TomTom Bandit to the latest version, follow these instructions.

(via TomTom via The Verge)