ViewSonic Announces 8K Color-Accurate Thunderbolt 3 Monitor

ViewSonic has announced a host of new monitors that span a range of use cases, with its new color-accurate 4K and 8K monitors of note as the company's latest offerings for photographers. Called the ColorPro monitor series, the mix of high resolution and wide color gamut looks particularly enticing.

How To Edit Color Film Negatives in Photoshop

Scanning colour negative is without a doubt the most irritating part of my workflow.

Since I started to shoot film, it has been the source of great frustration, especially in terms of color rendition. Each color negative I scan shows a dreadful blue or green cast that's a pain to get rid of in Lightroom.

TomTom’s Bandit Action Camera Now Auto-Corrects Underwater Colors

The Dutch company TomTom is best known for making GPS navigation devices, but did you know that it's also a player in the action camera market? The $300 TomTom Bandit action camera just got a software update that makes it even more attractive for underwater shooting: it can now auto-correct colors while submerged.