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This Virtual Reality Game Lets You Try Different Styles of Photography



Curious if you have what it takes to be an action/sports photographer? What about a combat photographer? Or wildlife photographer? If you don’t know for sure, this new Pokenmon Snap-like ‘VR Photography Experience’ might help you find out.

Created by Chicago-based game developer Robomodo, ‘Photo Jam’ is a virtual reality photography simulator that lets you step into the shoes of a working photographer and give their job a whirl. They recently released a demo of the game in action, transporting you to the lip of an active halfpipe where you can try out action sports photography.

To start taking pictures, simply raise the ‘camera’ to your face and you transition from a 3D VR environment to a 2D viewfinder. Scoring, meanwhile, is based on timing, framing, and subject position. Check out the demo below:

So far this is just an internal prototype and only action/sports is shown, but Robomoto proposes other levels like “wildlife,” “war journalist,” “paparazzi,” and even “stake out.”

No word yet on when the VR experience will become available to the general public, but the team are “looking at various options to release it to VR audiences.”

(via TechCrunch)