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Corel Releases AfterShot Pro 3, Claims It’s 4x Faster than Lightroom



Corel just released AfterShot Pro 3, the newest version of its non-destructive RAW editor. And while it adds a bunch of cool features like more powerful highlight recovery and the ability to create custom lens correction profiles, that’s not its claim to fame. It’s claim to fame is sheer speed.

Building on what Corel calls its “reputation as the industry’s fastest photo editor,” AfterShot Pro 3 claims to be up to 4 times faster than Lightroom. In Corel’s own lab tests on an Intel Core i7 machine running Windows 10, it was able to export the same 100 RAW files to 80% JPEG up to 4x faster than Lightroom.

No matter the camera they used—and they tested RAW files from Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, and Panasonic—AfterShot Pro 3 put Lightroom CC to shame.


Exporting isn’t the only thing they tested: importing to catalog was about 3x faster, and the initial scan of 100 RAW images over 4x faster. If there’s one thing Corel wants you to know about ASP3, it’s that this program can move.

“AfterShot Pro 3 is a faster and more affordable solution for photographers looking for high quality results,” says Senior Director of Photo Products at Corel, Greg Wood. “It doesn’t lock you into catalogs or a subscription and is focused on photographers’ common need: great images in less time.”


But of course, there’s more to the new program than speed, which brings us back to those new features we mentioned at the top.

AfterShot Pro 3 boasts a new highlight recovery algorithm that can rescue even more detail from overexposed RAW images, comprehensive watermarking lets you edit and add custom watermarks to individual photos or batches, layer-based blemish removal tools let you perform non-destructive touchups without leaving ASP3, and the Lens Correction Development Kit lets you create and share custom lens correction profiles, a feature “ideal for photographers working with rare or brand-new glass.”

Another really cool feature of ASP3 is what they’re calling Dynamic & Modular Camera Profile Updates. Basically, you no longer need to wait for a full update when a new RAW profile becomes available: “With the modular delivery system, as soon as a new camera profile is created by our development team it’s made available for download directly in-app.”

ASP 3 Highlight Recovery

Blemish Correction

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AfterShot Pro 3 is available today on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $80 to new users and $60 as an upgrade for ASP2 users. Those prices get you a download of the full program and a perpetual license, so there’s no need to worry about subscriptions.

To learn more about the program or give it a 30-day go for yourself, no strings attached, head over to the AfterShot Pro 3 website by clicking here.