Sony Patents Contact Lens Cam with Zoom, Aperture Control, and More


The future of wearable camera technology is a contact lens. At least, that’s what Google, Samsung, and now Sony seem to think. All three have patented their own contact lens cams in the last 2 years.

Sony is the most recent company to join the fray, as sonyalpharumors pointed out earlier today. Google patented theirs in 2014, Samsung followed suit earlier this month, and now Sony, too, is looking to claim some of the real estate on your eyeball for future photographic use.

According to the patent, Sony’s contact lens might be the most advanced of the three. Not only does the patent show a contact lens with a built-in camera, storage, and transmission unit, the patent says the lens would contain autofocus, zoom, aperture control, and even image stabilization.


Like previous iterations, the camera “shutter” would be controlled by consciously blinking your eye—a type of blink the patent claims the contact could differentiate from a standard blink. What we’re unsure of is how you would control the other settings.

It’s clear aperture control, zoom, stabilization, and focus control is included in the system Sony is proposing, but it’s not entirely clear if different types of blinking would let you alter those settings.

To read the full patent and piece the tech together for yourself, click here.